About Us

Mount Annapurna Handicrafts is an online store to promote the skilled hand-made crafts from Nepal internationally. The main intention of Mount Annapurna Handicrafts is to promote quality hand-made crafts from Nepal internationally and help preserve the tradition of making authentic crafts by Nepali craftsmen.

Asta Man Lama: Founder/Chairperson

Hello everyone, I am Asta Man Lama, an emerging entrepreneur from Nepal hoping to make a difference economically while simultaneously trying to preserve the rich culture, heritage and beauty Nepal has to offer. Nepal has a lot to provide the world in terms of naturally made products that stand out from modern equivalents.

Nepali handicrafts and items have a unique aesthetic, inspired by a rich and historical background that speaks the language of simplicity yet elegance. Eastern vibes are evident in these products, and truely so because culture history and spirituality are so intricately interwoven, they are reflected in all aspects of Nepali lifestyle and inventions. It is because of this very reason I chose to build this business model that not only provides employment in the struggling industry and its proponents unfortunately displaced by modern counterparts, but also promotes the tourism industry in Nepal.