Thanka Paintings

Nothing stands out as being unapologetically Nepali than Thangka paintings and art. Nepal being a land of the confluence of cultures and traditions lends well to the rich eastern heritages still left standing in today’s age of modernity. Inspired by a deep sense of spirituality through Buddhist and Hindu influences, the art style of Thangka is unique in the sense that it tries to integrate surrealism, spirituality and imaginative beauty into a single canvas. This art style unique to the Himalayan lands of Tibet and Nepal has its own charm. Artists use cotton and silk canvases and traditional ink and paint. Because of this,Thangka paintings and art are looked upon as a sort of delicacy in the industry. Thanka artists don’t just paint, their entire life is dedicated to the art form and their works embody the spiritual beliefs they adore and practice. Thangka paintings are renowned for their elaborate compositions and religious significance. Many spiritual students and aspirants use thangka portraits and thangka murals of deities to aid their meditations and ritualistic worship. Have a look yourself and see if you too will resonate with the claiming vibrations they provide.

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